Sunday, April 10, 2011

So many noms!

This past week I had the BEST food.  I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Gluten-Free lasagna from Bunky's cafe (actually from 2 weeks ago)

ONE of the TWO complementary plates of gluten-free cheesecake from Bunky's!
Gluten Free Badgers club actually had dinner with the Dean of students at a local restaurant called Bunky's Cafe!  There menu is all gluten-free except 1 or 2 things.  The lasagna was to die for and the free desserts didn't hurt!
Potatoes covered in warm tomatoes and garlic at Jolly Bob's

Chicharron chicken at Jolly Bob's

Jerk Pork skewer at Jolly Bob's

Life changing Conch Fritters at Jolly Bobs
My mom is OBSESSED with groupon.  She bought not one but TWO groupons to a restaraunt called Jolly Bobs and after many failed attempts of planning to go it was the expiration date.  So I hurried over after lab at 5:30 with my bestie Maggie and Rob.  The place was PACKED with people trying to use their groupons!  We eventually got our food and made it out in time for our meetings at 7! It was a record!  As you can see the food was unreallll!  The conch fritters were SO amazing.
Swiss, egg, asparagus, and mushroom on everything bagel at Einsteins Bagels
This einsteins bagel was the first thing that I've been like wow not being gluten free could be awesome if I could eat this everyday.  It was so good for some reason.
Chinese Vegetables (might have been consumed twice this week)
I love stopping in at the food court to get a small container of veg.  For $2.65 I feel like its better than getting a coffee.
Rueben and African Peanut Stew at the Great Dane

I love the Great Dane and Jack always gets this African peanut stew when we go.  It is chock full of chicken and amazeball spices.  The rueben is self-explanatory, I could eat one everyday.

On the gluten front, I've had 2 really bad days.  One of those days was yesterday and I couldn't go on my 8 mile run because of the body aches and other digestive issues.  The thing I notice most is my ability to fall asleep ANYTIME and the body aches.  The digestive issues are still there, but they had been pretty bad the last 2 months being gluten free so I'm used to them.

Since I started work I haven't been sticking to my training plan completely, but I did fit in 3 runs at the end of this week.
Th- 6 miles
Fr- 3 miles
Sat- upset tummy :(
Sun- 8 miles

Today I ran my 8 miler in 75 degree weather in 1 hr and 14 minutes!  I have never seen so many people out in Madison!  It was actually a blessing I couldn't run yesterday, because today was AMAZING.
My favorite feature of my forerunner is definitely being able to see where I ran on google earth.

After this week of school, I have a week of hell and then it's Easter!  So I'll hopefully be posting!



Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I have a blog?

Somehow I literally forgot about my own blog these last few days.  I sometimes get to read a few blogs here and there, but my google reader is up to 397 whoops.  I blame all of this on working TWENTY-SIX HOURS in the last FOUR DAYS.  Going from no job to a job is quite the difference, especially when you have a test to worry about too.

I have started the gluten fest!  It was actually all good and I was loving all the gluten until tonight.  I think my body has finally realized what's going on because I cannot move.  I can feel my insides and they hurt...BAD.  Actually when I started eating gluten I got embarrassed, because I had no symptoms.  I thought this was all in my head and I was a crazy.  Welllll tonight this has changed.  Lets see if I can make it through another 23 days.
My first semi-glutenous meal (crabcakes)

Sweet sweet delicious cornbread

Jacks crawfish po' boy that I helped demolish
The other awesome things I've had include: french toast, CEREAL oh god so much cereal, banana chocolate chip muffin, and a bagel.  Nothing has been SO awesome that makes me feel like I couldn't be gluten free again.

I haven't ran in 4 days.  But, I have walked for 26 hours in 4 days.  Non-stop walking is my job and after my first 8 hour day I. Was. DEAD.  I'm jumping back on my training schedule tomorrow though!
My plan for this week
W-Interval training .25 mile sprint .2 mile jog for 3 miles
Th-5 miles
F-4 miles
Sat-8 miles

School has been kicking my butt lately.  With work and all the other activities I'm in sometimes school gets put on the backburner.  This is NOT okay and I realize with the grades I've been getting things need to change.  But, I'm extremely confident everything will work out and I WILL get good grades this semester.  I actually started off this new attitude by rocking an Ed Psych exam this morning.  I studied for a good week and I realize I just need to start studying earlier!

Now back to reality.  Woooooo!