Thursday, October 20, 2011

I went to RICHMOND

Take me back.  Gah I can't believe I'm already back to Madison and back to crazy studies and 2 tests in less than a week! Why must I get such an amazing education?!

I'm going to let the pictures (and captions) do the talking for my trip...

Jacks BEAUTIFUL home
the most hip bedroom

this shower is unreal. It has TWO shower heads 

sooo cute


Oh hey giant mirror!

SO happy to be there
Tortilla Espanol with asparagus and roasted red pepper

Fried plantains and Jacks tortilla espanol with CRAWFISH
Mural at Kuba Kuba (Cuban food!)
Gluten free chocolate peanut butter cupcakes OMG. Filled w pb and topped w/ choco ganache. The cake was the best part though. Cake+Rachi forever
Shrimp from Camerons, a little seafood shop right by Jacks! My last delicious meal in Richmond
Salmon with plabano mousse, grilled corn and grilled tomatillos. At an all gluten free restaurant! 

All the samples you can get. OMG sabra handed out all this w/ a bag of stacys pita chips as a SAMPLE!

The Lovin'

Lunch at Ellwood Thompson's hot bar!
So happy at Jacks friends amazing house

                                  As we get older, we get dirtier looking

The Richmond Folk Festival! So funs!

The Fun!
Ellwood Thompson (whole foods times 10)
Richmond folk festival!

Look I was there!
Whole Foods on crack

Christmas time all the time in Carytown


And that was my amazing, glorious, stress-free FOUR day vacation.  I would literally give anything to do it all again right this second.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Beautiful Flowers from a Beautiful Aunt

I'm so lucky to have such an awesome family.  My sweet auntie brought me house warming flowers on Sunday and I forgot to take pictures of them until now!

sooo beautiful

Nothing is prettier than these

Madre got us a new table and I made that mirror!
I LOVE our living room
We've lived at our apartment for almost 2 months and I could not be happier!  Junior year is so much more relaxed for me.  Class wise I'm still handling a lot, but having a home to come back to after a long day makes a world of difference.  

Living with my best fried doesn't hurt either.  It is literally the best EVAR.  I love you Mag!

In other news IM LEAVING FOR RICHMOND IN LESS THAN 24 hours.  I am the worlds happiest!  Be back with an update of pute happiness!!!



Sunday, October 9, 2011

Lunch at Graze with my Faves

Today I got to see my Auntie from Michigan and my Grams.  It was the worlds greatest, because they are the worlds greatest.  We went to lunch at Graze which is all local and pretty awesome.  Check check out their website to read about the concept!  

We started out at my house so my grams and Aunt could see the new place!
Rob is the artsiest 

Loving the family time

They're the same person


I ask my mother everyday why she must do this sort of thing

Eggs Benedict on GF toast! Salad and potatoes. NOMS

Robs nutella french toast

Rob has some mad photography skillz 
The best part about Graze was that you can read where all the ingredients came from and they're all really close by farms!  It was delicious, but the family time was even better.



Friday, October 7, 2011

My life is so awesome

I obviously have a love hate relationship with blogging.  Only 3 months have passed since I last wrote. NBD.  I was just reading old posts and it inspired me to just do a little something so I can always look back on it!

Let the pictures (and the captions) do the talking:

I got a DSLR! 

Brit Brit was a mess

I ate a lot of delicious food in Richmond

Jack did too

Duck and andouille soup mmmm

Greek yogurt and the best fruit compote evaa mmhmmm

Models with Richmond as our background

Mash potatoes on the burger! Bringing me back to my fav childhood meal

20th birthday celebrations for a best friend at Sushi!

Babies being born

Skyping with the one I miss most

You can see the capitol from our porch nbd!

Madison is the worlds greatest

Beauty eggplants at the farmers market

A boyyyyy TEENY!

Best ever visits to Orlando to see sissy

Just chillin at the Disney pool wooo!

Walks to football games end in pictures like this. I THINK THIS IS SO FUNNY

and cute ones too

Making Junior year the best

Babies growing up so fast
Life is fun and I'm in full swing of my Junior year.  I get to go to Richmond in 5 freaking days to see the worlds cutest boy that I haven't seen in TWO WHOLE MONTHS! AHHHH! I swear I will post about the amazingness!