Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I have a blog?

Somehow I literally forgot about my own blog these last few days.  I sometimes get to read a few blogs here and there, but my google reader is up to 397 whoops.  I blame all of this on working TWENTY-SIX HOURS in the last FOUR DAYS.  Going from no job to a job is quite the difference, especially when you have a test to worry about too.

I have started the gluten fest!  It was actually all good and I was loving all the gluten until tonight.  I think my body has finally realized what's going on because I cannot move.  I can feel my insides and they hurt...BAD.  Actually when I started eating gluten I got embarrassed, because I had no symptoms.  I thought this was all in my head and I was a crazy.  Welllll tonight this has changed.  Lets see if I can make it through another 23 days.
My first semi-glutenous meal (crabcakes)

Sweet sweet delicious cornbread

Jacks crawfish po' boy that I helped demolish
The other awesome things I've had include: french toast, CEREAL oh god so much cereal, banana chocolate chip muffin, and a bagel.  Nothing has been SO awesome that makes me feel like I couldn't be gluten free again.

I haven't ran in 4 days.  But, I have walked for 26 hours in 4 days.  Non-stop walking is my job and after my first 8 hour day I. Was. DEAD.  I'm jumping back on my training schedule tomorrow though!
My plan for this week
W-Interval training .25 mile sprint .2 mile jog for 3 miles
Th-5 miles
F-4 miles
Sat-8 miles

School has been kicking my butt lately.  With work and all the other activities I'm in sometimes school gets put on the backburner.  This is NOT okay and I realize with the grades I've been getting things need to change.  But, I'm extremely confident everything will work out and I WILL get good grades this semester.  I actually started off this new attitude by rocking an Ed Psych exam this morning.  I studied for a good week and I realize I just need to start studying earlier!

Now back to reality.  Woooooo!



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  1. Ooh, how is your ed psych class? that sounds like fun. maybe its not the gluten but all of the fired and sugar that makes your tumm hurt. i know that does it for me AND my pants dont fit. hooray!