Monday, August 23, 2010

It's been MONTHS!

Time flies when it's summer apparently! My summer is all done and I am officially moved into my lovely (but sweaty) sorority house!!

This summer there were a lot of changes and one HUGE one was my MAJOR!!! I have decided to switch to dietetics! I figure why get a boring degree that I won't use, when I am so passionate about something. This thing would be food and nutrition. I am so nervous but also so excited to take all the science classes and learn so much useful information.

Another change is my diet. I have already mentioned going gluten-free (and have stuck to it this whole summer), but now I am incorporating low sugar. My good friend Esther told me about this diet "belly fat cure" that she has been doing for a couple months and how amazing it is. I was trying to cut out a lot of sugar from my diet because I knew I was eating way to much, but I could never push myself to do it. But, Esther gave me that extra push. The diet basically entails eating 6 carb servings a day and keeping sugar to 15grams (which is hard, but can be done). I did this for one day and I KID YOU NOT I lost 4 lbs. It broke my plateau and I am so excited. Also, I feel so great and full of energy.

So I have decided to start blogging again and showing how I make do with the sorority lifestyle and food in this house (which is starting out not so gluten free, I thought special K was just rice I was WRONG, second ingredient gluten wheat booo). So here we gooo!


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