Monday, February 28, 2011

Oat Bran Virgin

I know, I know. Gluten free people should avoid oats because they could be cross contaminated with wheat, rye or barley. Well I have been eating oats since I've went gf and I don't feel like they hurt me. So last night when I was scrambling to find something at the market to snack on during the oscars I went all out and spent my $20 groupon on things I wouldn't normally buy. Like..
2 Synergy Komuchas
1 Tub of plain Choibian yogurt
1 onsale bag of Bob's Oatbran
1 Jar of SF Strawberry jam
1 box of over priced veggie sushi

Thats it. For TWENTY whole dollars. But, actually for $10 because it was a groupon!

So this morning I broke into the oat bran, obvi.

Reading blogs with breakfast

The verdict: I LOVE it! The texture reminds me of maltomeal which my dad made me for breakfast all the time growing up. I think I'll probably add hot cocoa mix for the maltomeal effect next time!

In other news Florence and the Machine owns my soul lately. Last night at the Oscars she rocked my world. Why Why Whyyyy is she so great?!

"Dog days are over" was my favorite song to run to in the fall and now when I hear it I want to go outside and run! No more winter! :(

Other eats today included a salad and chili at lunch. Snack of sunflower seeds. Dinner of chicken breast, veggies, and au grautin potatoes! It was so exciting that tonight the meal the sorority house was serving was all naturally gluten free!

I didn't take pictures, but I am looking at buying a SLR camera or getting one for my 20th birthday in 2ish months! (cough cough family that reads the blog) One of my favorite things about food blogs are the beautiful clear pictures. So I want beautiful clear pictures like everyone else and my digital camera is not going to cut it.

Today I did not want to run and I have only ran 2 times in the last 2 weeks due to an insane amount of stress and school. But those 2 runs were pretty substantial and something to be proud of. 2 weeks ago on Saturday I ran 10 miles on the treadmill. That. is. the. farthest. I've. ever. ran. I WAS SO PROUD! This past Saturday I did a 6 miler. So today after class from 10-3:15 I new I needed to fit in a run before chapter at 5:00. I didn't want to but I walked fast back from class and it gave me so much energy to just do it. And guess what?! I got in 4 quick miles! Those are the best runs. To top it off I got to watch "Bethenny Getting Married" reruns!

Now I'm off to write a Chem pre-lab and study, study, eat and study!




  1. I love oat bran but still can't trade in my oats for them. They definitely do make for anice switch from the usual, though!

  2. I know they sell gf oats, I have some by Bob's Red Mill, maybe they have oat bran, too?

  3. Love oat bran!! It's a nice change from regular oats. And 10 miles- you go girl! Soo awesome!

  4. I love oat bran! I need to use it more! I liked the Malt O meal, it was good, first time I had it! <3 xoxo

  5. Loooove Florence& kudos on all the miles, girl! :)

  6. @Megan D
    Thanks it was awesome to accomplish double digits!

  7. @J3nn
    I've looked and haven't found any yet :( I haven't had any bad affects from them yet so I'm okay with it!

  8. @Mary
    I thought I would be the same way, but I totally love the oat bran texture more!