Wednesday, March 2, 2011


That was my day. I had non-stop class with one break of me visiting the doctor for 20 minutes.  Why oh why must I take chemistry?!  I had chem discussion, lecture, and lab today along with a zoo lecture.  SO MUCH SCIENCE AHHH.
This is what I think about today

Even before this crazy long day started I ran and did some strength training and abs.  I banged out 3 miles in 24:30 woo!  I'm speedy when I need to get to class!

I had my new morning favorite of oat bran and pb for breakfast and ate it as I sped walked to Chem discussion.  I packed a half a potato with black beans, asparagus, and salsa (random, but I just pull out whatever leftovers I can find in the fridge here at the sorority house) and a salad with balsamic for lunch.  I had to eat them in lecture because I was at the doctor.  I also had some cinnamon almonds and pure bar for a snacky before I went into my 3 hour chem lab.  Oh wait no the lab lasted FIVE hours this time.  Unfortunately, my stomach was wacky during lab and still is.  So I came home and had a little potato and chicken and some carrots and hummus.  I know the hunger monster will come soon.

But, for now I'm snacking on some 0% chobani with frozen blueberries and strawberries.

In other news
A special someone got into a special top 50 of the US creative writing graduate program as 1 out of 5 people. I AM SO PROUD OF YOU BAY.
This is his 'Rachel get off of my face, face'

So what do I get the special guy!?  A delicious cupcake from the bakery down the street of course!
 The D'oh- Rich chocolate cake stuffed to the brim with cookie dough, hidden beneath swirls of chocolate frosting, and sprinkled with mini morsels
Now I get to bring the cupcake to the special boy and write a paper read my beloved blogs!



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  1. You're the cutest and insanest at the same time, however do you do it? CONGRATULATIONS JACKIE!

    lovers you ray