Thursday, July 7, 2011

Oh Hi there!

This summer is a blasty.  But, IT NEEDS TO SLOW DOWN. My life is going by wayyy to fast and it is making me one angry Rachie.

I've had baby showers to attend!
It's a boy!  
It's a Gram with her mouth open!

I've had creeper uncles ruin perfectly good pictures of my mom looking like my grandma with her mouth open.  But, forreal I've had awesome get togethers with awesome long lost great aunts.
What is wrong with my jaundice skin???

I'm not excited for the trifle at all.

Great Auntie-one fit woman.
I've had mass amounts of Mickeys Dairy Bar to be consumed. 
Whats that? You think I can't eat the whole thing?


I've had 21st birthday celebrations for a special boy!  Happy Belated 21st Birthday best friend!
Our 9th grade love will never die
As we can all see my life has been full of really important things. And recaps are where its at for blogging.  I also had an awesome 4th of July party that I attended in Chicago at my boyfriends house, but I'm bad at taking pictures.  I made cake balls, they were gone in ONE hour.  I also made gluten free cupcakes and brownies those lasted longer...weird.  I'm going to Richmond, VA next Wednesday!!! I will take a boatload of pictures and devote a whole post to it! But first I'M GOING TO BRITNEY SPEARS AND NICKI MANAJ this Saturday at Summerfest. I can now die happy!!! I CANNOT WAIT!




  1. It looks like you've been having a blast. I certainly can't believe summer is almost half way over. Maybe if we all petition, summer will slow down!

  2. omg your pictures, im dying from LOLing