Friday, October 7, 2011

My life is so awesome

I obviously have a love hate relationship with blogging.  Only 3 months have passed since I last wrote. NBD.  I was just reading old posts and it inspired me to just do a little something so I can always look back on it!

Let the pictures (and the captions) do the talking:

I got a DSLR! 

Brit Brit was a mess

I ate a lot of delicious food in Richmond

Jack did too

Duck and andouille soup mmmm

Greek yogurt and the best fruit compote evaa mmhmmm

Models with Richmond as our background

Mash potatoes on the burger! Bringing me back to my fav childhood meal

20th birthday celebrations for a best friend at Sushi!

Babies being born

Skyping with the one I miss most

You can see the capitol from our porch nbd!

Madison is the worlds greatest

Beauty eggplants at the farmers market

A boyyyyy TEENY!

Best ever visits to Orlando to see sissy

Just chillin at the Disney pool wooo!

Walks to football games end in pictures like this. I THINK THIS IS SO FUNNY

and cute ones too

Making Junior year the best

Babies growing up so fast
Life is fun and I'm in full swing of my Junior year.  I get to go to Richmond in 5 freaking days to see the worlds cutest boy that I haven't seen in TWO WHOLE MONTHS! AHHHH! I swear I will post about the amazingness!



  1. I'm invading your site.
    I am so glad your junior year is going great- you really work hard and you deserve it.
    Wonderful and delicious photos!
    Are those grits I see from down Richmond way?
    YUMMMM. That is my fourth favorite reason to visit Orlando.
    Rock on Rachi, I love you.

  2. @Victoria

    Auntie! Thank you for your sweet words! Those are definitely grits, I'll be sure to get some right when I get to Richmond.

    I love you and hope to see you soon!!!

  3. Who is cuter than my ma?! Oh, ok you come pretty close. LOVE YOU!