Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Only just the beginning

Well, where do I start!? I have done a gluten-free diet before and the results were wonderful. I have always had digestion problems, and when I went gluten-free everything seemed to clear up! But, when I had the blood test for Celiac disease and it came back negative I thought well why not keep eating my favorite cereals then! I just recently was browsing other food blogs and read about how gluten-free diets have been helping a lot of people. Even with some not diagnosed with Celiac! I read on seeing that Celiac disease is often under diagnosed, because the blood test comes back as a false negative. So I became inspired to redo my diet and cut out gluten! I've been on it for a week and back to feeling full of energy, happier, and overall healthier!

Moving on, lets talk about my obsession with all things gluten! If someone were to ask me "what is your favorite food?", I wouldn't even think and instantly answer, "CEREAL!" I am a cereal junkie and when I was living in my dorm room last year, cereal is what was 2-3 of my meals consisted of. I lacked a lot of energy last year and my digestive problems were at full force. I was worried about the cereal aspect the most when deciding to give up gluten, but to my surprise, after a bit of research, I found that many cereals are made of ALL rice, corn or oats and completely gluten free! And to my complete surprise the cereals that are gluten-free aren't only found at whole foods or trader joes. Chex has come out with 5 gluten free type Chex and Rice Krispie's has a great Cupcake Rice Krispie flavor to satisfy my sweet tooth (I just read that rice krispies may contain barley malt, but not confirmed either way)!

My Newest Fav!

In addition, to trying to be better by being gluten-free, I am trying to better my life overall. I believe in the law of attraction, based on the book "The Secret." Though most of my friends and family think I'm crazy, I think we attract everything in life by our thoughts. So positive thinking is a big part of my life. Ever since I watched the movie, "The Secret", I have changed a lot about my life including the way I think and live. I try to better myself everyday and truly believe that anything is possible.

Here's a link to watch the movie free online!

Well that's the jest of it. I hope you all enjoy this experience with me!


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