Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Today is the day to check ALL labels

Its SO nice out today! It is even supposed to get up to 77 and no more rain! Well today is when I start checking every label and make for sure that I am not putting gluten products into my mouth. I have been following the no gluten rule for a week now, but I've been cheating here and there and I've also not checked EVERY label.

So for breakfast I was inspired to eat something other than my good old cereal. I got my inspiration from Nutritious is Delicious. I made her avocado eggs with tomato on top. Instead though I used two egg whites. And just like this smart blogger posted it was DELICIOUS.
But she sure wasn't kidding when she said you need to whip whip whip that egg and avocado mixture. I whipped it for probably 1.5 minutes and added a dash of milk and salt. Then sauteed the tomatoes after the eggs were done and threw them on top.

I forgot my coffee at home even after taking a picture of the whole process :( But why not show you guys anyways.
My mom bought this Keurig one cup coffee maker at a Goodwill for only $25! We each get our own flavor and cup in the morning and it takes less than a minute! That's my Gloria Jeans Special Blend I usually stick with.

Well I couldn't just go on with my day without a cup of coffee! So after I dropped off one of the boys I babysit at the park for his play group, the other little one and me headed to my local coffee hut. It's literally a little trailer on an intersection of 2 highways! Never the less, they have some gooood coffee. I got a skinny iced vanilla latte that is only 60 calories and I have to say better than Starbucks!
Yum! So icy and delicious!

Well the little guy was getting hungry so we decided to have a snack. He had crackers and I had just a bite of my plain yogurt with chopped strawberries and blueberries with a bit of Cascadian Farms granola!

SOOO good!

Well after browsing blogs for awhile me and the little guy went to pick up his brother at the park. When we got home they were HUNGRY. So I made there standard mac and cheese and I made my gluten free noodles and steamed broccoli. I made a sauce of olive oil, Parmesan cheese, and basil! A big step up from eating their Kraft mac and cheese and gluten free!

It's even better than it looks! I ate the rest of my yogurt and berries and a few frozen grapes. And a piece of chocolate, I have to have my chocolate!

For a mid afternoon snack I ate a cup full of chex and a few crasins. Also I had part of a red pepper and a small english cucumber with ranch.
The veggies blend right in to the boys' cars plate haha. They actually took and ate most of the veggies away from me! Oh and we finished up the frozen grapes! I am all energized and ready to leave the boys and hit the gym!
Speaking of the gym, I've been going about 4-5 times a week and doing usually 35 minutes on the elliptical and 20 on the stairstepper. I also do a few machines like inner thigh, pull up, and vertical bench as well as abs everyday. I've been feeling really good and ready to go after a whole day spent with the boys so that's a plus!

Well after babysitting I did my normal workout and headed to the local grocery store. I was planning on making thai curry soup, just like Noodles and Co.! Unfortunately my grocery store lacked a lot of the ingredients I needed. Including rice noodles, lemon grass, and red curry paste which are pretty prominent ingredients! So I just got a few groceries and to my happiness my dad had brought home chinese food!

No pictures of dinner, but I had the chinese food, a bowl of granola/chex and strawberries, blueberries, and bananas, and a few pickles!!!

I have to say I did pretty good with no gluten! I had a bite of a ritz cracker and eggroll, but that is barely nothing compared to what I was consuming before.

I think my next post will definitely be shorter and a little more organized!


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