Saturday, May 7, 2011

I'm 20 and I haven't updated my blog in a month


So much has happened in this month! I have 2 finals and I am done with this semester! woooo!

I move into my summer apartment on Wednesday and will be a cooking queen ALL summer and post all about it!

A tribute to last years bday...

Oh how I would kill to be back in the dorms with friends that did this
the best birthday company

I got awesome presents from awesome besties and I was EXCITED.

for madre
Woohoo to officially being in my twenties EWWW.




  1. you're the cutiest 20 yr old ever. we are FINALLY in the same age bracket, its about time. speaking of time, you have to change your profile to say college junior HOLY MOLY, i want to see your new pad... send me pics and an address please :)