Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Summa Summa Time!

Lets play catch up through pictures! ITS SUMMER!

Birthday Dinner=best tofu I've ever had

The best lamb burger moms ever had

The best lamb in a dish Rob's ever had

I got a new sally hansen color for $0.49 because I'm becoming the crazy coupon lady!

Bought myself flowers for my birthday!

Loveee the gf waffle, pb, and apple combo. with some chia seeds for crunch and omega 3s!

Wooo I'm 20!

I attempted macrons tonight. I don't have a mixer my arms got tired trying to form stiff peaks by beating them w/ a fork. I got this. They still tasted awesome, but my computer is now covered in eggwhite and sugar mixture!

One thing I know for sure is that I know how to make a delicious egg scramble. spinach, onion, and tomato and love.

These are my nightly pills. Mag says its like I have leukemia. she's terrible. Also, I got them all for free from swansonvitamins.com! I won $100 from them and will post a review of my products asap!

Mags already came and visited. Obsessive.

All fun and games until you chase watermelon vodka w/ pb and choco chips

Sad day

Someone graduated COLLEGE!

Oh hi bascom hill at 1 am on a random Thursday. Making memories and covering the double chin

Mag bought me the most incredible gift. A veggie steamer. LOOK AT THAT ASPARAGUS. that i got for $3 a lb at the farmers market SCORE

One of the best smoothies I've made. Pineapple, spinach, ice, and greek yogurt. It was so refreshing.

My life be like oooh ahh and non-stop and its SUMMER. I need everything to slow down.

Today I did this run. It was SO pretty and I have awesome running Madisonia!

I've been debating on doing the half marathon this Sunday since I've been quite the slacker and I've made the decision that I'm going to JUST DO IT. (you win nike)  I want to do it under 2 hours, but just doing it will be an accomplishment in itself. WOOO!

I will be posting more I swearrrr.




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