Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Second day soreness=cook all day

Hi I'm Rachel and I am really really really sore from running a half marathon 2 days ago.

Today I went to pick up meat from madre (its so expensive and I'm a cheap college kid and my mother is a hoarder of all things meat included) and on the way back I just HAD to stop at whole foods.  After browsing the hot bar it spiked my interest to eat/make something other than cereal and soy milk. 

Example A: Quinoa, roasted zuchini, tomato, feta salad with a dressing of fresh lemon juice

After making this amazing fresh summer salad I had real life commitments like intern training.  Woo!  But when I got home all I wanted to do was cook anything I could think of.  So here we go...

Meatballs. I literally think meatballs are my favorite food.
Spinach, feta, quinoa meatballs:
*Thaw ground round (Asked mom for ground turkey, but I'll live)
*Rip some spinach
*Crumble some feta
*Use leftover cooked Quinoa
*Finely chop onion and garlic
*Sprinkle salt and pepper and dried parsley
*SMUSH with hands
*Bake at 400 for 10ish minutes 
**Voila delicious nom nom nom meatballs! 

Baked tofu- not drained, half drizzled with hoisin sauce, baked 450 for 20 mins, flipped often.
If you haven't had baked tofu, MAKE IT NOW. The texture is soooo good (crispy on outside, chewy on the inside, overall AWESOME).  I keep it in the fridge and throw it on salads, with rice and veg, ect. It's dabomb.com

I boiled a head of cabbage, because I am my british Grandmothers granddaughter.
I have NO idea why I love cabbage so much.  Butter, salt and pepper and I die its so good.

Hard boiled eggs on a clean counter.
4g of protein in each of these bad boys. They are the thing I probably miss most about the sorority house, an abundance of boiled eggs ummm...

Potato salad that I still can't decide if I like that I made 2 days ago
*Steamed potatoes and corn on the cob
*Hard boiled egg
*Chobani 0% plain greek yogurt
*Dijon mustard
*Salt and peppa
The missing ingredient I think I wanted was dill.  I just don't want to buy $4 fresh dill sorry about it

Made this veggie scramble yesterday.  I realized I was out of spinach, tomatoes, and onions.  THATS ALL I EVER EAT IN EGGS.  What was I supposed to do!  Oh just microwave some frozen brussel sprouts, cut up, pan roast and add eggs and feta.  It was great.  I love brussel sprouts, even at 10 am

Clean dishes make me feel so great

Yesterday I went to the zoo and to this awesome hidden place on lake Wingra with my bestie from high school Krissy!  I love doing things that are so laid back with someone you can be so laid back with.  That sentence makes sense I swear.

Red Winged Black bird flew away to quick!

Ahhh sweet sweet summer

I have to go to work tomorrow for the first time in 3 full days. Noooo :(  




  1. I've never thought to put quinoa in meatballs but that sounds so good! I'm glad you're a meat lover. I was beginning to feel like a minority in the blogosphere!

  2. I almost meatball overdosed last night; 6 in one sitting.

    These look and sound very tasty; I love seeing a creative spin on a classic.

  3. Good eats, girl!! I love meatballs and will try these soon :) Hope work goes okay!

  4. I forgot to tell you congratulations on your half marathon! That's amazing. So inspiring, girl! I'm really starting to get into running, surprisingly, because I am anything but a natural born runner. Hopefully I'll be able to run a 5k or something by the end of the summer! ha.

    All of those dishes sound so yummy! I've been researching different ways to prepare tofu and I'm definitely gonna try yours out. It looks fantastic!

  5. your quinoa meatballs are genius girl!!! it always amazes me how bloggies come up with genius ideas like that! i'm hittin the WF hot bar HARD tonight woo hoo!

  6. Ok here's the plan... I'll make babies and youll come live with me and sit them and cook for us all. Glad we got that settled.