Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Beautiful Flowers from a Beautiful Aunt

I'm so lucky to have such an awesome family.  My sweet auntie brought me house warming flowers on Sunday and I forgot to take pictures of them until now!

sooo beautiful

Nothing is prettier than these

Madre got us a new table and I made that mirror!
I LOVE our living room
We've lived at our apartment for almost 2 months and I could not be happier!  Junior year is so much more relaxed for me.  Class wise I'm still handling a lot, but having a home to come back to after a long day makes a world of difference.  

Living with my best fried doesn't hurt either.  It is literally the best EVAR.  I love you Mag!

In other news IM LEAVING FOR RICHMOND IN LESS THAN 24 hours.  I am the worlds happiest!  Be back with an update of pute happiness!!!



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  1. Your living room is so precious! I like that I posted today about how I didnt want to share a pic of the inside of my house bc it was too stalkery and you DID post one. AWES. Say hi to Jackie. xoxox