Sunday, October 9, 2011

Lunch at Graze with my Faves

Today I got to see my Auntie from Michigan and my Grams.  It was the worlds greatest, because they are the worlds greatest.  We went to lunch at Graze which is all local and pretty awesome.  Check check out their website to read about the concept!  

We started out at my house so my grams and Aunt could see the new place!
Rob is the artsiest 

Loving the family time

They're the same person


I ask my mother everyday why she must do this sort of thing

Eggs Benedict on GF toast! Salad and potatoes. NOMS

Robs nutella french toast

Rob has some mad photography skillz 
The best part about Graze was that you can read where all the ingredients came from and they're all really close by farms!  It was delicious, but the family time was even better.




  1. so lucky to find a place that does GF eggs benedict!

  2. I love your fancy mirror and especially pics of the family. Hi y'all. I want to go there next time I'm in Madtown. Later this week it's supposed to hit 100 degrees here, that's not fall.

  3. @Allison

    I was so lucky! They were delicious!!!