Monday, June 6, 2011

When Rachel is at play she doesn't blog everyday

It has been TOO nice in Madison this last week and I spent most of my time outdoors enjoying it.  

Outdoor lunch w/ papa and esther!  Cornucopia burger (chickpeas, mushrooms, i have no idea what else)

Noms side salad at Claddagh Irish pub
I went shopping for a majority of my Sunday.  Alone and relaxed, just the way I like it.

Wore this outfit shopping
The back of that shirt is where its at

Looking at this shirt in pictures makes me wish I would have bought it.  It just was a weird tight fit
I did though buy this beaut.  I'll be wearing it with jeans and not doubling up on the white. Lol at my face.

CROP TOP it was too cute.  The side view to show the length in the back compared to the front

I'll probs where this w/ white shorts, but denim would work too.
I also picked up a belt and necklace at Saint Vincet woohoo for thrift stores.

$4 dolla necklace whoop whoop!

$3.75 dolla belt!
 Thennn the fun started because I went grocery shopping!
All this prdouce for $32.00, woodmans you are my favorite.  And I'm positive the clerk thought I was feeding a family of 5 whoops nope just me!
Last night I went fishing with my fav.
a boy and his fish

 Food has been pretty standard salad beasts, egg white scrambles, tons of fruit, ect.  I'll try to post more short and sweet is the way I likey!




  1. Cutesy outfits. What was up with that maxi? It looks cute. Did you catch a fish?

  2. The maxi was too big :( and no fish were caught boooooo