Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Girl Talk and Surprise Soup

Last night this happened.
Girl Talk!
And this picture happened too.
Self-timer gone wrong
Maggie got free tickets to Girl Talk!  So why not indulge in a Monday Funday?!  We danced, we tried to get on stage, I took pictures of the mean bouncers that wouldn't let us up. Overall a good night.

Today I got home and found a lovely package left by mother.  She brought me my notebook and phone charger I forgot at home this weekend whoops.  And then I looked further into the bag and found this!
Yum yum yummm!
MY MOM MAKES THE BEST SOUPS.  I'm not sure exactly what every ingredient is in this beauty but this is the gist of it:
-ground turkey (maybe?)
-and some glorious spices

I'll have her send me the actual recipe, but she's the type that throws in anything she sees fit.  Thanks ma!

Before my morning class I had the idea to try out my grinder on my one cup blender.  I had a small bag of cinnamon almonds that weren't appealing to me so I made them into almond butter!

Almond Butta
I couldn't believe the power on my little machine!  In probably 1 minute I had cinnamony sweet almond butter.  It is SO good.

Last week I ran every other day and finished the week with 16 glorious miles.  This week I start my half marathon training!  3 months till the Madison Marathon!  I'm not too worried about it even though its my first half!  I started out the week awesome by getting in a 4.25 miler before class yesterday morning.  
1st Week of Training Schedule
M- Smooth 4 mile
T- Race Pace 3 mile
T- Smooth 4 mile
F- Rest
S- Long 6 mile
S- Rest
Total: 17

I'm using a training guide called Endurance House.  
If anyone has suggestions on a better one or any helpful half marathon training tips let a girl know!

Ahh I have to get so much done before I leave for NYC in SIX days!  I have 2 exams the week we get back to school and I need to get cracking now.  Chem and Zoo why do you hate me?? 

Thanks for all the suggestions on where to go in New York!  I can't wait to go to all these fun places and share my experiences!




  1. You went to a Girl Talk concert!?! so cool! I heard they are like one big dance party!

  2. Looks like you had a great time! That was so sweet of your mom...and to make you soup! Keep her!