Sunday, March 6, 2011

Impromptu Trip Home

After a full day of Friday classes and reading one too many blogs that had baking going on, I knew I needed to get the hell out of Madison and go home.  It was the first time this semester I went home and even for a night I'm glad I went.  I barely had time to set my stuff down before I jumped into the kitchen!  Can you guess what I made?
Well the start of cake balls.  I don't have a finished picture for some reason.  I'll take one tomorrow!  I made gluten free and regular cake balls using:
- Cake mix (one gf and one regular chocolate cake)
- Buttercream frosting
   *2 sticks butter, 2 cups powder sugar, couple teaspoons of vanilla, tablespoon of milk
- Milk and Dark chocolate choco chips

I ate more than I've ate in literally months and when I woke up this morning I felt hungover.  Food hangover whoops!  It was so worth it.
Towards 1 am last night I tried to make a soup to detox my body from all the food I ate.  Chicken broth, cayenne pepper, curry powder, and steamed cabbage.  Something about soups like that are so good to me.
I swear it tasted good

I had mom's weekend dinner for the sorority tonight so I came back to Madison this afternoon to fit in a run before getting ready for dinner.  And by run I mean I RAN.  5 miles in 40 minutes!  8 minute miles baby!

I'll leave you all with a picture from the night.  Stuck to a 2 drink max and home by 11:30, sometimes I swear I'm not even a college student.

I love you Mommy!



  1. cute picture with madre! i better get one of those cake balls

  2. "Stuck to a 2 drink max and home by 11:30, sometimes I swear I'm not even a college student." <- Aww haha sometimes I feel that way too!! The cake balls look delishh :)

  3. Hi Sweetie! I just came across your blog :-) Love it! Great work on the run! The cake balls look yummy - will have to make some soon :-) The photo of you and your mum is lovely :-)

  4. Hey there! Just came across your blog and wanted to stop in to say hello! The cake balls look great!!! Have a great weekend! :0

  5. @Maggie
    I have a whole container for you girl!

  6. Sweet pic of you with your mom! :-) Cake balls and cake pops are all the rage now, aren't they? I haven't tried them yet. I'm afraid I'll get addicted. Seriously.

    Great looking soup, too. Simple and nourishing--my fave!


  7. Cake balls?! Ahh-may-zing!