Thursday, March 3, 2011


It's official.  I just booked a flight and hotel trip for my best friend and me to NYC.  I have never been to NY.  I have never been more excited.  I am dying.  I can't find the words to express how excited I am.  And to top it all off I found the deal of the century.  $335 a person for 3 nights and flight included.  I feel crazy.  I haven't been this excited about anything I don't think.  Other than that my best friend Maggie is coming with me!


This is the true love of my life Maggie.  This is who is going on this amazing trip with me.  I could not be more excited to share my first NYC experience with the person I love most.

I have so much planning to do in 9 DAYS.  Our hotel is close to Times Square, so I hope most things are accessible from where we're staying.

Bloggers: Tell me where to eat!  What to do!  Anything!




  1. You will love NYC!!!! so excited for you!!! What a deal you got too!!!! xoxo

  2. Whoa, what a steal!! You're going to have a great time. Where did you get a deal like that!?

  3. That's such an amazing deal! As someone who lives in NYC I know. I've never seen a hotel less than $300 a night. W

    Times Square is accessible to everything! It's a little loud and noisy/touristy there but if you never been to NYC you'll love it.

    There's a great Japanese restaurant in Times Square called Ruby Foos. I love their baked eggplant!! (seriously I dream of it)

    You have to go shopping in Soho (where I live) and try a dessert at One Lucky Duck (I love the Mallomar bars! $7 but sooo worth it)

    Let me know if you have any other questions

  4. @peacelovenutrition
    Thank you so much! I will definitely check these places out! I am sooo excited!

  5. @Natalia - a side of simple

    I amazingly found it through hotwire! And I only booked 1.5 weeks in advance! I'm lucky!

  6. Wow, what a deal and what a wonderful time you two will have! Very cool. :-) Of course, if at all possible you'll want to go to Risotteria and Baby Cakes for some great gluten-free food! Do report back. ;-)


  7. @gfe--gluten free easily Both of those places are on my list! I will definitely blog about them!

  8. Yay! NYC!! It is my favorite city (see my blog for tons of ideas) But there is a great gluten-free chinese food restaurant on 57th and 7th called Lili's 57! Staying gluten-free in NYC isn't that hard with all the great food.

  9. @soberandthecity
    Thank you so much I will definitely try to get over there!