Friday, March 11, 2011

A little salad with your chicken

I'm currently eating lunch in a near empty cafeteria in the business school building.  I have been in this cafeteria once before during the same time, but on a Tuesday.  I couldn't even see it was so crowded and swarming with hungry b-school kids.  Shocking that business school students wouldn't have class on Friday or wouldn't go to there Friday classes before Spring Break.  Seriously, it's creepily quiet in here.  But emptiness means no line to a fresh salad for a reasonable price, surprisingly!
Thai Chicken Salad
This salad was the SMALL and was only $3.80 and an additional $1.50 for chicken.  It was refreshing and delicious, but this is what the end result was.
A little salad with your chicken
WHY WHY WHY would any human need that much chicken.  This is after I ate a bunch of the chicken too!
Udi's is the best.
Rounding out my protein filled meal I added in a slice of Udi's gf bread and strawberry cream cheese.  And since I guess I needed more protein I had 2 unpicutured hard boiled egg whites.  

1 more class and an interview till SPRING BREAK!




  1. Thank you for keeping me entertained on my campus during our spring break where i am literally one of three people who decided to come to work. you would think bc i have my own office and actual work it wouldnt make a difference if students were here or not but i could seriously NOT focus the past two days. that strawberry cream cheese looks bbbbomb. i gained 5 pounds on my vacation. love you!

  2. oh wait whats the interviewz?

  3. haha well on the bright side you have dinner? business school kids always schedule their classes for every day EXCEPT friday haha (i only know that because i was one haha) enjoy your weekend girl!!

  4. @MrsFord
    5 lbs is nothing! I'm going to gain 15 in NY. I'm glad I keep you entertained! What do you even do at work?! Tell me im so interested in your job! I had an interview at the UW hospital for a job in room service, like I take the food to the patients and in 2 years when I apply for a dietetic internship they see that I did that and they say damn we want her. WOOO it went so good too. If I don't get it I'll kill. love you!