Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lent and a birthday

After reading about so many bloggers giving things up for lent, I really wanted to.  I can't remember if I've ever stuck to giving something up for the full 40 days before.  My family/church doesn't really emphasize it.  So instead of giving up an actual object, I'm giving up NEGATIVITY.  I know, I know this is GRATEFUL girl goes gluten free, but everyone has their negative days.  Lately, I've been having a lot due to stress from school.

More uncontrollable laughter in Indian costume to come
When I see pictures of myself laughing or extremely happy it helps remind me how awesome it feels to be happy and positive rather than negative and down.
I'm a laugher!
He was such a baby!
These pictures along with quotes around my room are what keep me from getting negative.  Every time I'm feeling like being a cranky whiner I'll look to these.

In other more important news its MY DADS BIRTHDAY!
So long 56 year old
He's an old man, 57!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!  LOVE YOU!




  1. You're a fab laugher, I like your lent decision.

    Speaking of hilarious people... HAPPY BIRTHDAY UNC!!! xoxo

  2. also: makes me both want a baby extremely badly and a bulldog equally badly. why.